Our Mission

Provide the ultimate protection for people, assets and data, by offering the most advanced voice-based biometric authentication technology.

Our Vision

Become the leading global provider of multifactor biometric authentication solutions.

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Management Team


Eddie Nevoani

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Co-Founder

  • B.Sc. Computer Science (Haifa U.).

  • Experienced in hi-tech management and software development.

  • Fluent in various software tools and languages.

  • Technion For Life (TFL) 2012 winner as CTO (IntegRTV)


Erez Kedem

  • LinkedIn


  • B.Sc. Electronics Engineering (TAU)

  • Highly experienced technology leader

  • Vast knowledge of signal processing, voice analysis, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing


Ofer Atzmon

  • LinkedIn

Business Development VP and Co-Founder

  • B.Sc. Electronics Engineering (TAU)

  • Highly experienced in international business development

  • Experienced in telecom, healthcare, smart mobility and IoT industries

  • Hands-on marketing & sales of hi-tech solutions


Markets and Use Cases

Voice is the fastest growing segment within the growing biometric market

(Source: 360iResearch, Nov. 2019)


call centers

Personal devices

Finance & banking

Ecommerce & online shopping

(i.e. online/phone banking, ATMs, digital payments)


Government & law enforcement

Smart homes/IoT



(i.e. corporations, airports, border crossings, public events)

Smart cars

(i.e. PC, tablet, smartphone, smart watches)

Market Size & Potential

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